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12 Must Have Photos With Your Bridesmaids

If there is one things us girls like to do, it is taking pics with your favorite girls! Am I right? Our instagram and Facebook are filled with pretty smiles, laughs and memories shared with our closest girlfriends. If you are a bride, your wedding day is a huge opportunity to get some creative photos with your best gals while you’re all dressed up in pretty dresses. I LOVE seeing the creative photographs captured that are anything from the normal straight line photos we have all seen. Therefore, I have pieced together some darn tootin’ AMAZING photos I think every bride should demand on her wedding day. Are you ready beautiful belles? Here they are!…



1.) Boot Shot 

This is a photo I wish I would have done on my wedding day seeing as my bridesmaids and myself wore boots!! I would say this is a must! 🙂

10ac7eae4143b910d8de2874c3e7cf92.jpg(via: Light Source Photography)

2.) Funny Group Shot

Now this is one for the books! Wedding day can be stressful but I absolutely love that these girls had some fun! The girl showing her underwear just kills me! haha!

18ccabfa1811872d8c5310029ce40446.jpg(Via:Maria Vicencio)

3.) Jumping On Bed Shot

This reminds me so much of childhood and I love that they captured it on wedding day! It’s like a sweet memory of all those days you jumped on your bed with hairbrushes pretending to be microphones while you sang spice girls at the top of your lungs!

25cbb91b074c7d7c935bba51fd83cbc9.jpg (Via: Bre Thurston Photography)

4.) Face to Face Shot 

This picture makes my heart melt. I always see pictures like this between the bride and groom but to see it with you best gal is so sweet. This is a def. must have with all your girls! 57d80c19a9e98d29d7adfb0cd81b5a62.jpg

5.) Shoe Shot

This is similar to the boot shot but a little more fancy! I love this photo because of the color coordination. The bride’s shoes are to die for!

43158dccbf2542bda0ca6b76749dd629.jpg(via : Anna Kinchen )

6.) Circle Shot

This also reminds me of childhood when you would lay in a circle and tell stories of boys you had crushes on. The flower crowns in this photo are also a nice touch. It’s a cute and easy way to get a great unique photo with all your girls!

bridesmaid-photo-ideas-01_detail.jpg(Via: Simply Rosie)

7.) Field Shot

This photo is just magical to me. There is nothing more southern belle than a white lace dress and a field full of flowers. Having your girls help carry your dress is a nice touch! 


8.) Dock Shot

ANY beach or lake wedding needs to have this photo. Such a cute and simple way to get a nice photo with your girls!

Erika_Camilo_Bonnallie_Brodeur__Photographe_130827ec0879_low.jpg(via: Bonnallie Brodeur)

9.) Hug Shot

This is such a sweet pic that shows true love. This was probably a candid shot but you can always tell your photographer to look for photos like this to capture since you will be hugging everyone on your wedding day, especially your girls!


10.) First Look Shot 

This photo just makes me smile. A must have on your wedding day!

e333a676612d8e086153e729d51d11a9.jpg(Via: Red Stone Photography)

11.) Confetti Shot

I have seen this photo also done with glitter as well and absolutely love how cool it turns out! I have also seen it done with leaves for a fall theme wedding. Whatever you use, it is a very cute photo opportunity!

3a41e6baf7de759463aba832cc09c9f6.jpg(Via: Ilene Squires)

12.) Back Shot

This is actually a photo from my own wedding. What I love about it is that you can see the back of the dresses and the cute bow in my bridesmaids hair!


(Via: The Picture Guy Photography)

Hope y’all enjoyed!!

❤ Blessings,

Ashley Mae 


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