My Veil Story

How We Met


My love story started a little over 3 years ago when I joined a small group at my church. The small group met on Wednesday nights but eventually got so large that we split it into two different nights. I continued to go to the Wednesday night, but kept hearing the name “B-Fran” get thrown around and when asked who that was, I got a reply of he is a guy who comes on Tuesday nights. Fast forward to a few months later when my church was hosting a worship night in which my small group was attending. I arrived with a few of my girlfriends and quickly found my small group in the lobby. We were all standing around in small talk conversation when a guy approached our group. He stood there quietly and listened to our conversation and me being the one to never leave someone out, I immediately commented “I like your shirt.” It was a beautiful Carolina blue  ( yes, even though I live in wolfpack country,  I am a UNC fan- Go Tarheels! ) so I asked if he was a Carolina fan. “Oh thank you and no, no, no I am a wolfpack fan” he replied.

It did not start off well, lol.

The show was about to start so we shuffled inside and afterward on my way out I passed him leaving, in which I said “It was nice to meet you uhhh..” “Ben” he replied. Nice to meet you Ben.

I didn’t know that night I had met my future husband. My Benjamin.

We added each other on Facebook, became friends and started to have coffee dates before church gatherings/groups we were in. We would spend hours talking about so many things but I have to admit, I was not looking for a relationship. You see, I was in a season of alone time with the Lord. I was seeking him and enjoying my alone time with just him. Ben on the other hand was crushing hard, but he sure hid it well.

While I was spending time with the Lord and praying for my future husband, the Lord started to show the qualities I was praying for through Ben. I resisted at first, but the guy was wonderful. The most passionate, caring, Jesus loving man I had ever met and after much prayer I let him know how I was feeling.


How He Popped the Question


After a year of dating,  on a random Wednesday, I came home to my apartment to find a trail of paper on the floor coming from my bedroom. Now, this is a moment I wish never happened but it does make for a good story. In first glance, I thought the paper was trash coming from my bathroom in which my roommate’s dog got into and drug all over the floor. SO my immediate reaction was anger. I threw down my purse stomped in my room to find Ben down on one knee holding a small black box. I immediately went from anger to confusion to tears and excitement. After he popped the questions, I turned around and realized the paper was actually handwritten letters and notes we had written each other over our course of dating. Every time he went out of town for work, he would actually send me a letter in the mail with a magnet from wherever he was. I would also leave secret letters in random places around his place for him to find. He has saved all of them and put them in a trail leading to him on one knee. How sweet is my man!?


The Ring


I catch myself still staring at it some days.  My favorite part about it is our birthstones in the band. Story behind this-My only grandmother (my dad’s mom) has breast cancer and over the past few years has declined in health. Before Ben proposed, we were visiting my grandmother in the hospital and I had mentioned to her that if something ever happened to her I would like to have her mothers ring which is a ring she always wears with the birthstones of all her children. It is a ring I remember twisting on her finger as a child and one I have always admired. When Ben bought my ring, he had our birthstones put inside the band and when he proposed he said, “When we have children we can add their birthstones, just like your grandmothers ring.” Tear!

Our Wedding Day


We got married at Merry Hill Farm in Mebane, NC on November 8th, 2014. Our day was complete with fall decorations, peacocks and southern charm. You can watch my day here filmed by Twenty One Films below! 🙂


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